Hue Culinary Tour Within 1 Day For Hue Cuisine

Within 1-day tour, you are granted the precious chances to obtain the hands-on experience in cooking Hue food, visiting the traditional markets, and partaking in cooking class right in the Town. What are you waiting for? Various distinctive kinds of food in Hue are waiting for you to savor and evaluate!

What to Experience in 1-Day Hue Culinary Tour?

When setting foot in the ancient City, you will be conveniently taken to Dong Ba Market in the early morning. Standing out as the biggest market in Hue offering food, herbs, spices, vegetable, etc., the Market is where you should visit to see how the locals live and work on the daily basis. Since it is the early morning, every kind of food is fresh and impressive enough to treat your stomach well. So, what to eat for breakfast? It is Bun Bo Hue indeed! Has anyone ever heard the name? The dish is the famous noodle in Hue. Nearly all travelers love to eat it for their delighted breakfast.

Then, take the short excursion around Trang Tien Bridge before the time of cooking! A trip on the pedicab inspires the new experience for all to enjoy. The sturdy pedicab brings you around the ancient Citadel of Hue, local shops, and some streets along the routes. As a result, you get the complete snapshot of the Hues daily life and renowned architectures. After than, it takes you to the exclusive cooking class at Y Thao Restaurant to learn some new cooking recipes for the later practice!

During the Class, expect to listen to the short introduction about the Hue Culinary Art of cooking and drinking as well. Some kinds of food for preparing and practicing are also listed clearly. After the period of absorbing the theory, attain the hand-on experience by learning the ways to cook spring roll, grilled beef, pancake, banana flower salad, etc. Once the cooking procedure is accomplished, enjoy the dishes that you have made. In case of honeymoon holiday with culinary interest, it is cool to ask the mate to savor the food, romantically!

Plus, the restaurant also serves you some featured delicacies, so favorably enjoy them! When the stomach is full and delighted, go on visiting Thien Mu Pagoda the symbol of Hue. If your interest is about the architectures of the Mandarins House, drop in Kim Long Village to witness the exclusive features of the ancient styles. Right there, the Guides will lead you to the local workshop to try some special kinds of Hue vegetarian cakes. Want to make them? Of course, it is welcomed to put what you see into practice.

What Is Included In The Tour Package?

The services included in the 1-day Hue Culinary Tour are listed as the fees of transportation in the air-conditioned vehicle associated with the tips for competent driver. From the prices for lunch and dinner to the tuition for the cooking class, they are all packaged in the exclusive Tour. Only spending one day to explore the whole beauty of Hue, you are showered with lots of opportunities to savor what is called Hue Cuisine virtually!